Discover Data Breach: Top 10 Headliners Of 2020

Discover data breach reports that made the headlines of 2020. Here we’re collecting a list of the top 10 for the past year.

“The Worst Year On Record”

2020 has been a year with consecutive cyberattacks, noting that this was the year of the pandemic outbreak. Cyber attackers have found their comfort & advantage of the incident. As more and more devices and information were reliant & disclosed on the web. Not to mention the unpreparedness of businesses with security for the work from home setups.

According to statistics, the number of private records compromised dramatically rose to 36 billion in 2020 alone. For instance, almost 3,000 publicly reported breaches occurred within the first 3 quarters of the year. Plus, an addition of more than 8 billion records for the last months.

Because of this, 2020 was said to be ‘the worst year on record’ of cyberattacks.

Discover Data Breach Attacks Of 2020

Here, we uncover the list of 2020’s top 10 data breaches. The list is in ascending order, according to the number of records exposed.

1. Microsoft

In December 2019, Microsoft was breached with servers containing up to 250 million records. The breach was confirmed by Microsoft on the following month of January 22, 2020.

The breach was said to be exposed due to a configuration made on their database network security group on December 5, 2019.

2. Wattpad 

The user-generated stories website- Wattpad, went victimized by a breach in June 2020. This exposed up to 268 million records of users’ PII.

3. BroadVoice 

Broadvoice, a VoIP telecommunications vendor, went on a data breach incident last October 1, 2020. The breach was said to disclose more than 350 million records of its registered users.

4. Estée Lauder 

On the other hand, the cosmetics giant Estée Lauder also suffered a data breach last year. This was first discovered on January 30, 2020. Moreover, a report states that more than 440 million records were exposed in the incident.

5. Sina Weibo 

Sina Weibo is a Chinese social network platform. In March 2020, its users’ information was held for sale online. In addition, records amount to more than 538 million records.

6. Whisper

Whisper is a ‘secret-sharing application’. Even claimed to be the safest place on earth, have exposed more than 900 million posts. Which includes users’ posts, ages, locations, and relevant details.

7. BlueKai

In June 2020, a security researcher found unsecured information of BlueKai’s database on the open internet. The amount numbers to billions of records.

8. Keepnet Labs

The Keepnet Labs discloses the breach through a public statement in June 2020. In addition, the breach was said to happen in March 2020. Also, a report says that the breach compromises up to 5 billion records.

9. Advanced Info Service (AIS)

The entity confirms the data leak in May 2020. The company admits that its safety procedures ‘fell short’. As a result, exposing up to 8.3 billion records.

10. CAM4

CAM4, an adult-streaming website, went into a breach of their logs from March 16, 2020. In addition, this leak amounts to more than 10 billion records.

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