Cybersecurity 2018: Hygienic Habits For Cybersecurity

How important are hygienic habits for Cybersecurity 2018? Cybersecurity headlines the news nowadays. More than ever, crime rates relevant to this, have dramatically increased in the past months.

Small businesses are often the ones who get complacent. These small entities may think they’re less prone to these attacks. But, no. Cyber criminals excuse no one. 

Moreover, these malicious actors do love small businesses more. That is because of its minimal protection held in place.

In addition, do you know that up to 70% of cyberattacks take place on businesses with less than 100 employees? Yes, that’s how vulnerable these small entities are.

That is why this article will take you through the hygienic habits of cybersecurity 2018. These steps are not big moves. But they contribute to the holistic cyber health of your networks and systems.

Cybersecurity 2018: Hygienic Habits

Setting Up A Firewall

A firewall sets the gap and barrier between your network, and of the cyber criminals. Thus, a firewall is considered to be the foremost protection you should have.

Small business owners should not excuse themselves for this. Although setting up a firewall may come with a cost. But consider the massive cost of an attack compared with the cost you incur for preventive measures.

  • Ensure that all of your devices and networks are secured by a firewall
  • Since work from home is now the new normal. Also, make sure that the personal devices of employees do have installed firewalls too. 

Document Your Policies

Although a small business can work with just a word of mouth. But when it comes to cyber security measures. Always ensure proper documentation. For instance, this includes your protocols.

In addition, you may want to check the SBA’s Cybersecurity portal. There, they’re providing the following to help you get started.

  • Online training
  • Cybersecurity checklists
  • Specific protocols for cyber protection

Proper should help everyone in your business take these measures seriously. Fines and penalties may be imposed unless measures are taken for granted.

Mobile Device Protection Plan

Mobile devices are starting to get much attention from cyber criminals. This is because these devices are much handy. Also, a lot of businessmen now opt to work with their personal devices.

Thus, know that these devices on our hands can be sources of attacks. So it is also vital to secure a plan for mobile safety. For instance, consider developing a set of protocols for using these IoT devices.

May it include, smart watches and fitness trackers. All are connected on the web, so all are subject to protection.

Employees’ Awareness

Nothing beats the effort of teamwork. Thus, ensure that you are providing the right awareness of cybersecurity for your employees. 

Perhaps you can have them sign a document stating that they’re aware of your policies. As a result, this should inculcate the weight of the matter to them.

Password Safe Practices

This is crucial since more than 60% of data breaches occur due to lost, stolen, or weak passwords

Thus, you should have regular monitoring of who has access. Also, ensure that passwords are changed regularly.

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