Zynga Data Breach 2019- Over 218 Million Users Information Exposed

Zynga Data Breach 2019 affected over 218 million user accounts. The data breach affected the Zynga mobile game, Words with Friends.

The company confirms the breach. Thus made arrangements to contact the users that were involved with the said data breach.

Moreover, by December 2019, the investigation reports more than 172 million unique accounts.

The Compromise Of Data

The data includes the following user’s information:

  • Usernames
  • Login IDs
  • Facebook IDs
  • Email addresses
  • Mobile numbers
  • Hashed & Salted passwords

The hacker, under the name ‘Gnosticplayers’, admits the cause of the incident. He assumed responsibility for more than 200 million accounts. That is, with the Zynga mobile game- Words with Friends accounts. Moreover, this attack affected both Andoird and iOS users.

Moreover, the website of Zynga says that they have taken safety precautions. Thus they have made steps for ensuring protection against invalid logins. 

In addition, they announced that they have been sending notices to the accounts of users involved in the breach.

Data Breach Aftermath

The Zynga data breach 2019 is only one among hundreds of data breach reports. This is unsurprising in this digital era.

As the advancement of technology increases in sophistication. So are the attacks launched by cyber criminals.

In addition, this type of attack further harms a person. Because gaining one’s personal information. Further makes him more vulnerable to more attacks.

For instance, an attack can expose your valuable personal information. Like your full name, email address, and phone numbers. So they can easily get in touch with you. 

Suppose you are one of the data breach attacks, what should you do? That is, to protect yourself.

Safety Steps After A Data Breach Attack

  • Be wary of spam messages

After a breach occurs, cyber criminals will then send messages to your phone number. These messages are linked with scams and fraudulent intentions. For instance, they will include links with the messages. So, never click on anonymous links.

  • Phishing emails

Even with the advancement of messaging platforms, email remains to be the best correspondence for business. Thus, cyber criminals make the best use of this too.

Having access to your email addresses, these malicious actors can then send you messages. For instance, they can compose legitimate-looking emails with logos and all. But, be careful. One thing you can do is to hover over the link, to see where the link will direct you.

The key is, never to trust any email that much. You can contact the company itself. That is if you feel such emails are suspicious.

On the other hand, if you are one of the 218 million users. Of the Zynga data breach attack, then please follow the following steps to protect yourself.

  • Change your password
  • Also, change duplicate passwords- this goes into your other accounts. This is because cybercriminals can also gain access to them. 

Certainly, the safety habit of changing passwords is part of cyber health hygiene. It further protects you from intrusions. Moreover, you can make use of Password Managers, such as the Last Pass. 

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