IHG Data Breach

What is IHG Data Breach?

They are the InterContinental Hotels Group. They include huge hotels in England and America.

They focus on giving hospitality to their guests. Especially if they are not from England. They want to give the best service to their clients. 

At the same time, they want their visitors to relax. 

But there was an incident 4 years ago that made them worry. 

In this article, we will know about the IHG data breach. At the same time, we will discuss the cause of the incident.

At the same time, we will know how they figured them out. We can take a lesson out of it. 

IHG Data Breach

They truly care for the people and the company’s community. If you are traveling going to England, you may be familiar with them. 

If you want to experience a luxurious kind of service, you will find it there. But, let us see what happened last 2016.

What Happened?

They reported malware in their system. Since they are a big corporation, there is a number of the section that was most affected.

That involves their hotel restaurants. They handle 5,000 hotels. So, it caused a great worry for those who checked in recently. 

But, they were quick to inform the possible people involved in the breach. Mostly the ones who ate at those certain restaurants. 

That involved their confidential data like payment information. So, they will not allow access if ever it will have its unauthorized access.

At the same time, so that they will keep their security.  


They reported that there might be illegal software in the system. But, they put in the payment devices for the restaurant. 

Because of that, they detected that not all of those who went to the hotel experience the breach. 

Only to those who had the card installed. So, they can easily identify the number of users who were there.

They did a great job when it comes to resolving the problem as fast as possible. 

At the same time, they were able to have open communication with the people involved. 

Unclear Information in IHG Data Breach

Since they have many branches, there are some confusing questions they wanted to raise. 

One of its examples is the thought of having ties of the breach to its other branches. They were confused it will become interconnected. 

But to be sure, they warned the customers who recently purchased to be aware of their privacy. 

That is for them to ensure that they will check the authorization of their payment information. 

This also helped them to be alert. So that they will be able to identify and avoid the malicious codes.

Their fast response prevented them from the company’s further damage. 


It is important to have the right response. IHG prepared for its security plan. 

This gave comfort to everyone who is in the hotels in all of their branches. 

At the same time, communication with affected customers is important. It will help them to know they are in good hands.

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