The Journal Of Information Security And Applications

What is the Journal of Information Security and Applications (JISA) all about? Are you interested in this journal? Well, if you’re associated on the field, then you are.

Through Elsevier, let’s talk about JISA. But first, what is Elsevier all about?


The platform is a helping hand. Why do we say that? Well, with years of experience under its belt, you can ensure quality aid.

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For Journal Authors

Elsevier is a proven platform. It also became a trusted one in its field. Annually, they are allowing and publish more than 470,000 journal articles. Thus, you’re in great hands with Elsevier.

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Journal Of Information Security And Applications – Description

JISA concentrates on the original research and practice-driven applications. Also, these considerations should be aligning with relevance. Especially to information security and applications.

Moreover, JISA presents a common linkage. A linkage between a vibrant scientific and research community and industry professionals. How?

Well, they are proposing a clear view of modern problems. As well as challenges in information security. They also present ways to identify appropriate scientific and “best-practice” solutions

Journal Of Information Security And Applications Issues

JISA issues give parity between original research work and innovative industrial approaches. How?

Through the help of the best information security experts and researchers. So, everything will be possible.

Besides, JISA receives aid from the international editorial board of JISA and guest editors. Therefore JISA can attain its goals. But what are these goals?

Well, along with contributors, they commit to the highest scientific standards. But in what ways can they attain that?

By implementing a severe peer-review policy for submitted articles. Also, they are regularly inviting the best papers. Especially from notable information security venues for publication in JISA.

Furthermore, JISA issues are published quarterly. And all have big stress for details and technical contributions. Also, it covers a broad range of advanced and latest information security topics.

These consist of new and emerging research directions and scientific vision. At the same time, it informs readers of the state-of-the-art security techniques. As well as technologies and applications.

Current JISA topics

  • Authentication and access control
  • Anonymity and privacy
  • Cryptographic protection
  • Digital forensics
  • Human factors in security
  • Multimedia security
  • Network and mobile security
  • Security management and policies
  • Hardware and physical security
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