Prin Of Information Security

What are the principles or prin of information security? But, why do we have to know them?

For one thing, it helps protect information. And we need that today.

We hear news about cybercriminals almost every day. So, we must secure our information.

Read on to learn more.

What is Information Security?

In short terms, information security protects information. But, what does it mean?

It means putting security controls. So, those who are allowed to see can only do so. Likewise, those who are not allowed to see it can’t do so.

But, why is that so?

Well, we all need security controls. Whether you are an individual or a company.

But, you don’t have to worry. If you don’t know how to, there are security experts. So, they can help you do that.

Still, there is something you can do. You need to know what the dangers are.

That knowledge will help you know what information is at risk. But before that, you have another work.

You need to know what’s important to you first. So, you can protect those assets.

But, why do you have to do that? As mentioned, there are so many criminals in the tech world.

And they are not just petty bad persons. They can even steal your identity.

Even big companies are not exempted from this. And if they can’t get what they want from you, they will do worse things.

These hackers can sell your information to other people. So, you can lose your files.

But, it is worse for companies. It means a loss of everything. Sales, customers, trust, and reputation.

So, they will not function. Without their data, apps, and systems, they are nothing.

Besides, employees need computers to work. So, it should be always secured.

Also, secured information can bring lots of benefits. In companies, they can give the best products and services.

So, their quality of work is better. Plus, their clients will love it.

Three Prin of Information Security

Hence, companies need security controls. But, how can they do so?

The three prin of information security will help them. So, what are these?

Let’s find out.

CIA triad is also known as the principles or prin of information security. In general, it is the formula to secure information.

In this article, we will discuss the following:

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Integrity
  3. Availability

Three Prin of Information Security Explained


Confidentiality means keeping something in secret. So, you should not let the whole world know about it.

For example, passwords and other private data should be kept confidential.


Integrity means keeping information correct always. So, it should not be distorted. Also, it should not be changed.

For example, banks should keep their data correct. They should not also change the account balances.


Lastly, the information should be available at all times. So, it can function when needed.

For example, companies should give access to users on time. Plus, they should plan for disasters in security.

Also, it is important to update their systems. So, it can be available when needed.

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