Information Security Principles

What are the information security principles? Also, why is it important to know them?

For one thing, you need to protect your information. Especially now that hackers are getting innovative.

So, we must do what we have to do. Protect important information.

But how? Read on to learn more.

What Is Information Security?

Information security protects information. So, only those who are allowed should see and access it.

Plus, it means applying security controls. So, you can remove those who are not allowed to access it.

But, how does infosec work?

First, there are security experts in this field. Then, they help you apply controls. 

Next, it is important to know about the dangers. So, you’ll know what you can do to fight them.

But, why do you have to do that?

As we mentioned, there are so many cyber criminals now. And they do everything they can to do bad things.

Hackers steal information. And they also threaten companies.

Plus, they get much worse if you don’t give them money. They can even sell your information to other people.

So, you don’t just lose files. You can also lose your identity.

Worse, it does much damage to companies. They can lose their sales, reputation, and clients.

Plus, they will not function anymore. Without their private data, apps, and systems.

Besides, workplace use computers and technology. We can’t even imagine life without these. And the same goes for companies.

So, it is really important to secure them. Or else, hackers can access it. And we don’t want that to happen.

Finally, information security gives good benefits for companies. They can also make companies better. 

So, they can give better products and services. Then, their quality improves. So, the clients will stay.

But, companies should have security controls in the first place. But, not just any controls.

These controls should come from information security principles. What are these?

Let’s find out.

Information Security Principles

The three information security principles are also known as the CIA triad. In a nutshell, it protects information.

So in this article, let’s talk about the three principles that do that:

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Integrity
  3. Availability

Information Security Principles Explained


Our first principle is confidentiality. So, what is it?

To simplify, it means keeping something in secret. Of course, not all people should know about it.

So companies should keep the information confidential. But how? Here are two ways:

  1. Limit access to those allowed only.
  2. Do not give access to not allowed.


Our second principle is integrity. What does it mean?

It means keeping information correct. So, it should not be distorted or changed.

Then, companies should keep the integrity of the information. How so? Still, here are two ways:

  1. Do not change data without permission.
  2. Ensure that the data is reliable and trusted.


Our last principle is availability. Now, what is it?

Information should be available when needed. So, it helps the whole system function always.

So, companies should keep the availability of information. But, how? Here are two ways:

  1. Give timely access to allowed users.
  2. Run systems always.
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