ToonDoo Data Breach

ToonDoo Data Breach. 

If you like comics, you might know this. You may enjoy reading fun stories. 

Whenever you have your own time, you may visit this for your recreation. 

However, they discontinued their website just in 2019 because of a data breach. This made a bad consequence on their result. 

So we will discuss this in this article. Also, we will know what pushed the website to discontinue. 

This will also give us a note on how we can avoid data breaches in our company. At the same time, we will see how cybercrimes can affect us. 

Either you are a small or a big company, it is important to put big attention to it.

ToonDoo Data Breach

Aside from reading your comic, you can also create your own story on this platform. 

So, many users began to enjoy using it because it has many features. Most of them will have their contributions. 

What Happened?

Over 6 million users were affected by this data breach. It is a big factor because it will mean their security. 

Considering its huge number, no wonder why it became a cause of worry for everyone. 

Some of the examples are names, e-mail addresses, passwords, and usernames. They are confidential manners that could affect security. 

Also, the number of effects is uncontrollable. So, they need to make a big move to solve the problem. 

This triggered the company to shut down. Will they able to make it? Can they do something about the situation?

Comic Website Shut Down

Because of its big effect, they were not able to make it. Especially during this one instance. 

One user’s information was compromised. It means that it had a big effect on one person. 

This pushed the website to completely shut down and say goodbye. 

Despite that, they continued the investigation. It is because they have to need to know the cause of what was happening. 

One of the investigations involves the ones from the government. Also, letting it have its different investigation will help to do it faster. 

As a result, they will know the cause of it. 

A lesson in ToonDoo Data Breach

We can see the big effect of the situation. Cybercrime is not just a small problem. 

It is an unseen enemy. It can trigger your security. At the same time, it will prevent you from having progress for yourself. 

The reputation of your company will also block from progressing. So, working hard to solving it immediately will save your website. 

When someone is affected, you will also become responsible for it. That is why it is important to have the right solution. 

You can do it by making preparations for the matter. 


ToonDoo is one of the websites that had a big data breach last 2019. They were made for recreation.

But, it is also important to note to make sure of the security. 

Also, remember to prepare for future solutions. So whenever problems come, you will have a defense for you.

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