Typeform Data Breach

Typeform Data Breach. 

This is an online platform that gives service to people through conducting a survey.

They are popular because it is also the platform that is being used by popular brands. 

Also, there are many users because you have interaction through the survey. 

But, there was news that happened 2 years ago. 

In this article, we will know more about it. Also, we will know more about the news of how it was resolved.

At the same time, we will know how can we avoid this kind of situation. 

So, we can also take a lesson on how we can avoid them. 

Typeform Data Breach

They do have many survey templates that are available for your needs.

It will also help the business to have its forms to have creative question forms. 

At the same time, it was thought to be safe because they are with the big brands. But, let us figure out what happened?

How It Happened

They encountered an intentional attack from hackers. How do we know?

The attackers downloaded customer data. But, good thing is that they figured them out immediately. 

Since they have the issue resolved immediately, they discovered that not all of the customers are affected.

As mentioned earlier, big businesses are using this survey platform. So, that concluded. 

They might worry because the customers of those big companies may be affected.

So, they need to connect with the company they have along with. They will have to ensure the security of their clients. 

Effect in Typeform Data Breach

Who affected?

They made the data of those affected safe. It is through mentioning those who were not affected by the data breach. 

Also, they mentioned which of the data is affected. So, those who are affected can be aware of what was going on. 

According to the report, most of the effects are the e-mail address, passwords, and Twitter usernames.

Since they resolved it immediately, they do not have the worst effect of being a victim. 

So, the trust of the big businesses will not have its effect. At the same time, they can continue their operation. 


When you are working with other partner companies, it is important to have the resolve quickly. 

In this way, they will not lose their trust in you. At the same time, resolving it will decrease the damage of the cybercrime.

Also, they did something humbling. They gave apologies for their businesses. 

So when something like this happens, it is important to be humble and apologize to your clients. 

In this way, they will feel that you are sincere when it comes to having business with them. 

Also, be alert to whatever data that you are having. As a result, it will help you when it comes to solving them.


Typeform platform is an internet survey service for big companies. 

When they encountered a data breach, they made it safe for those who are affected. 

That is through mentioning those who are not included in the data breach.

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