Georgia Tech Data Breaches

Georgia Tech Data Breaches. 

Talking about technology, it is always advancing and securing its data. 

At the same time, we also talk about the progress this platform brought. 

Sometimes, we cannot avoid things that we are not sure about. No matter how secure we may be. 

Like what happened to Georgia Tech. 

So in this article, we will discuss more of Georgia Tech’s data breach. 

Hence getting a lesson from the cause of why it happened. So the next time. you log in, we may become aware of it. 

At the same time, we will know how to better protect our system against harm. 

Georgia Tech Data Breaches

Georgia Tech is an educational institution. This is a place where you can learn technical terms.

At the same time, there is other advanced knowledge you can learn. 

This information and skills will make you capable to make it your profession. 

So if they are a digitally focused institution, what happened to the data breach?

Let us find out. 

How Georgia Tech Found Out

Last November 7, 2019, there was a report from staff. He mentioned that there is unauthorized access. 

It is accessed from the student’s emails. But not only that, what those email contain are their confidential information. 

That includes their name, address, and ethnicity. At the same time, their Georgia Tech ID’s were also exposed.

It is alarming because someone might use it in the wrong way. 

Aside from that, they might worry about their privacy and safety at their homes.

How They Resolved The Data Breach

There is a good thing with a digital institution. They know how to solve the problem. 

At the same time, they recognized their responsibility. How so?

They gave a notification about the data breach to the affected ones. 

At the same time, they recognized is as an emergency. 

This is a good sign of being responsible for the incident. 

The affected ones can trust that it will become okay in no time.

During those times, they were also having the process of solving the matter.

They built an emergency response team. 

So, there will be a workforce to solve it. At the same time, to think of the welfare of the affected ones. 

Lessons We Can Learn

So what are the key lessons we can learn? We need to have the right perspective on the matter. 

But not only that, but we must also think of those who are affected. 

One thing we can think of is the preparation they had. 

It is better to know the solution before the attack happens. We will have a better-equipped mind. 

So, we will have a strong chance of winning against the data breach.


This is a lesson that even the advanced institutions are not exempted. 

So, we need to prepare for our security and privacy. 

This is not only for our welfare. But at the same time, we want to feel responsible with the people who trust in our service. 

Through that, we can retain their trust. 

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