Information Security Projects CIOs Should Do

There are a lot of information security projects that every CIO needs to do. If you are one, or an upcoming one, you need to know these.

Information security or Infosec is now crucial for every company. No matter the size.

We now rely so much on data that losing them may also mean losing business. So, you need to put a lot of stress on the value of Infosec.

No one wants to experience a data breach, right? So, to ensure you keep high-level security, you need to do many projects. What are these?

Keep on reading to know more.

Information Security Projects

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

The favorite accounts to target for hackers are accounts with privileges. These are the accounts of admins or C-suite levels.

So, you need to make a PAM project. This will help you control and protect these accounts. Then, you need to rank this higher in the level of risks.

Thus, your PAM projects need to:

  • cover human and non-human system accounts
  • aid environments (on-premises, cloud, hybrid)
  • aid APIs for automation

Detection and Response

Yes, there is no perfect protection. But you still need to do detection and response projects. This will help you in case attacks happen.

So, this project needs to answer these questions:

  • how do you gather and store data? How can this aid in detection and response?
  • do your techs have a lot of detection and response features?
  • can your techs aid indicators of compromise?

If you already have a protection platform, can it give you a good detection and response? If you are seeking the help of security services, can they also aid you with this project?

Business Email Compromise

This project will help you deal with any phishing attacks. And even with poor business processes. Also, this project focuses on technical controls.

In doing this project, you can seek the help of email security providers. They can help you give control of your emails.

Then, they can tailor your needs. To make it work together with the existing email security systems.

Also, they can help with giving security awareness training to your workers. Thus, helping them be aware of any sketchy emails.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

If you have a lot of SaaS applications, CASBs can help you a lot with this. It can give control, visibility, and management. 

So, if you have this, you can assess the way you share and use data on your SaaS apps. Thus, helping you keep them safe.

Then, if you are going with this project, it is better to have short-term contracts. One that focuses on the discovery and protection of your sensitive data.

This way, not only is it visible to you, but it is also secure and manageable.


So, these are some of the projects you as a CIO should do. Have you ever done any of these before? Or are there any Infosec projects you did that helped your company?

Whatever it may be, the most vital part is ensuring your company’s data are safe.

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