USPS Data Breach

USPS Data Breach.

Progress is something that we want. What we need to have our connection and communication. 

Even if we are already in the digital world right now, we still have the USPS. 

That is the US Postal Service. But. just last year, there was a data breach that happened.

So in this article, we will know more about what happened. 

At the same time, we will figure out what lessons must we keep in mind to avoid this incident.

As a result, it will help us to protect our system against any harm in the future. 

Let us start with a little background about USPS first. 

USPS Data Breach

This is a convenient way of giving services to package that we want to deliver to people. 

At the same time, it is open to locations in the United States. 

So whenever you have a package, you can have a trusted courier in mind. 

But, what caused the data breach? Let us find out.

What Happened?

According to the report, there was an error within the mail tracker service. 

As a result, it leads them to have to expose unauthorized data for the customers. 

Considering the wide range of the internet, we can consider it as a huge problem. 

At the same time, it causes anxiety for those who recently had a transaction with them. 

The broken API was easily discovered and tracked. Also, they detected it immediately through one of their sites.

Because of this fast resolve, they were able to make an investigation about it quickly.

USPS’ Resolve

So how did they resolve it? As mentioned earlier, they had a quick investigation into the matter. 

It also turned out that it was intentional because there were thieves behind it. 

They also learned that they wanted to use these identities to pretend and get money from it. 

On the other hand, they can do another plot. That is through knowing the address of the client. 

They will go there and will, later on, threaten them in exchange for money and other possessions. 

So, resolving this issue fast did a big help for the assurance of those affected.

They also were able to ask for help from the authorities. So, there will be legal action once the investigation is done.

Lessons We Can Learn

USPS is a big company. No wonder why it caused so much anxiety on their end. 

But there is a lesson we can learn. We must identify the people who are trying to attack us. 

Through that, we will know how to solve the problem.

Take their example. They knew they were thieves. So, they know how to solve it according to how they can block the hackers.

So, it will bring relief not only for you. But also, for the people who had their names on your list. 


It is always better to be careful. At the same time, we must personally examine our records.

So we can have the assurance of security at all times.

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