When Is a Data Breach Notifiable?

When is a data breach notifiable? When do you know you need to let authorities know if there is a data breach within your company? To know when to keep on reading this article.

When Is a Data Breach Notifiable?

A data breach brings different kinds of disasters or damages each time it happens. Sometimes, it may be minimal, but there are times that it can affect your whole company. This is why it is important to know when a data breach is notifiable so you can be prepared for it. 

When a data breach is reported to the police, you should take it seriously. Here are the instances that a data breach should be reported to the police:

  • When a stolen or lost device that contains sensitive information is at risk of being misused by others 
  • When a device that contains sensitive information gets stolen and the owner has no control over it
  • Then, when data breach creates a significant risk to individuals’ privacy, safety, or welfare 
  • When personal information was obtained unlawfully − this includes identity theft, fraud, or other illegal activities 
  • Or when there is misuse or misappropriation of confidential information
  • Also, when the laws have been broken 

The first thing you should do if you think there’s been a data breach within your company is to secure your network from further attacks. You should also create a list of people whose information may have been compromised and contact them immediately.

Then, make sure to assure your customers and clients that their information is safe and secure. You can then report the incident if needed. If you need help regarding the technical aspects of how the data was breached, ask experts in the field for their assistance. 

Data breaches require law enforcement, so make sure you get in touch with them as soon as possible.

When Is a Data Breach Dangerous?

In what circumstances does a data breach become a problem that requires law enforcement? This is the question everyone is asking, especially for companies that have experienced a data breach in the past.

A data breach becomes dangerous when it involves sensitive information, or when it can cause identity theft, or when it can result in other forms of cybercrimes. These are some examples when a data breach is dangerous:

  • When the information stolen is personal – Social Security numbers, account numbers, birth dates, or other personal information 
  • When you are about to investigate the incident 
  • Or when there are signs of identity theft – When you see suspicious transactions in your bank account or credit card statement 
  • When you suspect someone else gained access to your online accounts – bank accounts, e-mail, or social media accounts 
  • When there are postings in social media that might affect your business reputation – post about the incident on social media and ask for help from users who can report more information about the incident. 


This is what you should do if you experience a data breach. Remember that there are times that a data breach does not require law enforcement, but if the information compromised is sensitive and risky, then it may be necessary to call authorities and report your incident.

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