The International Journal Of Information Security And Privacy

What is the International Journal of Information Security and Privacy (IJISP)? This journal can help you understand information security. As well as privacy issues and concerns.

Well, let’s say that you could learn more through the journal. But, it’s only a surface of what you can learn in this article. So, scroll down below for more about IJISP.


Both of them are from the University of Parma, Italy.

  • Michele Tomaiuolo
  • Monica Mordonini

Institutional Prices

  • Print journal: $696
  • E-journal: $696
  • Print + e journal: $840

Individual Prices

  • Print journal: $244
  • E-journal: $244
  • Print + e-journal: $300

Why Is The Journal Important?

Well, information technology and the Internet became a part of our daily life. So, there is a need to satisfy us with knowledge about these things. Yes, a thorough understanding to be correct.

Steps Taken

IJISP publishes high-quality papers. they also deal with a wide range of issues.
What are these?

These include, but are not limited to the following aspects of infosec and privacy:

  • technical
  • legal
  • regulatory
  • organizational
  • managerial
  • cultural
  • ethical, as well as
  • human

How to it’s done?

Well, it’s done through a harmonious mix of academic and practical research articles and case studies. Along with book reviews, tutorials, and editorials.

Moreover, this journal promotes the submission of manuscripts. These manuscripts also include research frameworks, methods, and methodologies. As well as, case studies, and simulation results and analysis.

Furthermore, it consists of theory development and validation. As well as technological architectures, and infrastructure issues in design.

Lastly, about implementation and maintenance of security and privacy-preserving initiatives.

Mission And Scope

IJISP’s mission is to create and sustain a forum. What do you think is the purpose? A place where research in the theory and practice of information security and privacy is ahead.

Additionally, the journal will help you with a topic on the field. Especially those that would appeal to a broad cross-sectional and multi-disciplinary readership.

Besides, the goal ranges from the academic and professional research communities to industry practitioners.

Furthermore, it seeks to publish including pedagogical and curricular issues surrounding the field.

Reviews And Testimonials

Latha Parameswaran

Latha is from Amrita University, India. She talks about the growth of information storage and its effects.

She stresses also that The International Journal of Information Security and Privacy (IJISP) is a forum. Which researchers can present ideas and concepts in particular.

Moreover, she adds that this journal serves the vital purpose of togetherness and union on the field.

“The well-reviewed articles are a useful resource to researchers. The journal is a definite asset to the academic library.”

Shamik Sural

Shamik is an IIT in Kharagpur, India.

She said, “In today’s world, as one starts giving more and more importance to security issues, there is every possibility that an individual’s rights to privacy will be affected.”

Moreover, she adds that The International Journal of Information Security and Privacy (IJISP) attempts to address both conditions.

And that is by publishing articles with a quick turnaround time. At the same time, keeping the highest quality expected from its renowned editorial board.

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