Principles of Information Security

What are the principles of information security?

In the digital transformation platform, this is an important factor in the industry. Most of people now shop online. 

When they shop, they need to give their personal information. So, it is important to keep their identity safe. 

This gives so much risk if you fail to do so. In this article, we will know the principles of how to do it. 

Having principles will serve as a guide for you. It will give you more security when it comes to the vital steps of the task. 

Let us discuss how information does it. 

Principles of Information Security

There is a misconception between cybersecurity and information security. While they may have the same mission, but they are different. 

Cybersecurity is a protection against the computer’s overall data. At the same time, it does not allow unknown viruses from the outside of the internet. 

While information security focuses on the specific personal data of the person or a company. 


This is when you give authority to someone to know about your personal information. Once you say yes, they will have a hold of your confidential information. 

That also includes passwords, emails, and even address. Imagine if you lose them. It will be dangerous for you and for your family. 

You can also block the people who used the information that you did not allow. It is because they did not get your approval. 

In this way, your identity will remain confidential unless you say yes. 


From the word itself, it will mean trust in your business. If you have the name of having many data breaches, it will not be a good light for you. 

This principle is a way to motivate owners to maintain their security. 

At the same time, they will be responsible for making sure that they give importance to it. 

Since you are always aware, you will upgrade your security software from time to time. 

When they are up to date, your clients will have an assurance that they are safe. 

It will maintain integrity. At the same time, they will increase sales. 


Now that you already gave access to your transaction. You also have to make sure that they are available for processing. 

The store will not continue if they discern that it is not available. Because they will not access the payment if they do. 

How do you make sure it is available? Thanks to digital transformation, you can make sure if your card is ready to use. That is through mobile banking. 

As a result, it will give you a smooth transaction. You do not have to be at the counter for long. Because you made sure it is available. 


The three principles of information security are important. It means that it is a need both in the present and future progress of the business. 

When customers feel that they are safe, they will not hesitate to buy. 

At the same time, it will make your company grow. 

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