Must-Have CISO Books For 2021

A chief information security officer (CISO) shoulders multiple tasks. Fortunately, experts provided CISO books to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

There’s an old proverb that goes “books are your best friends”. Indeed, books will never leave you. Moreover, you can visit them now and again. Furthermore, books will never hold information from you. The CISO books we listed below gives these executives practical tips for success. 

Hacking Exposed – Network Security Solutions

Cyberattacks are getting more common every day. Moreover, these culprits cause companies to experience huge reputational and financial damages. That’s why it is important for security professionals to know how a hacker thinks. Furthermore, this is essential to successfully prevent their assaults. 

The ‘Hacking Exposed’ book informs readers about the latest attack methods. Furthermore, this book prepares readers to fight continually evolving threats.

Data Driven Security Analysis Visualisation

This book is one-of-kind. Why? It combined all three dimensions of data science, namely:

  • Coding/Hacking skills
  • Math and statistical knowledge
  • Information security domain knowledge

If you don’t know any of the three dimensions mentioned, the ‘Data Driven’ book is for you. It discusses all of these dimensions. Furthermore, this book is for people that consider various concepts as part of traditional InfoSec tools. Some of those concepts are statistical and machine learning.

Cyber Breach Designing Exercise

Businesses and organizations do everything in their ability to defeat hackers. Moreover, many of these organizations invest a lot of money in digital defense. However, only a few of those organizations have serious plans for data breach response. Furthermore, only a few stress-test those plans.

The ‘Cyber Breach’ book provides CISOs methods on how to stage a cyber incident exercise. Such exercise must test the preparedness of the information security of a company. Additionally, such exercise must put unconsidered circumstances into the light. Moreover, it must sharpen the responsiveness of everyone in the company. The ‘Cyber Breach’ is the perfect guidebook on how to implement such an effective exercise.

CISO Desk Reference Guide

This book is an easy-to-use guide for new CISOs. Furthermore, this book is also written to guide aspiring CISOs, IT professionals, executives, and everyone interested in the topic of cybersecurity.

This is one of the CISO books that delivers multiple perspectives on the foundations of organizational cybersecurity, Hence, this is a must-read both for current and aspiring chief information security officers. 

Cyber Security Everything An Executive Needs to know

A data breach could bring irreversible damages. Worse, it could knock a company to death. That’s why adequate knowledge is important to prevent getting victimized by a hacker. However, executives are still having a hard time to understand the risks. Moreover, they still lack knowledge of its effects and how to prevent them. 

Fortunately, the ‘Cyber Security’ book provides CISOs steps on how to properly prepare their organization against information security threats.

The Computer Incident Response Planning Handbook

This is a must-read for people that are starting a security program. The great thing about the Planning Handbook is it’s straight to the point. Furthermore, tt gives readers a realistic approach without feeding them with unnecessary stuff.

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