Information Security VS Cyber Security

Information security vs cyber security. Is it the same job or is there a difference?

More often do people learn about cybersecurity. And more often do people mistake information security or Inforsec to be the same idea as the other.

But there are key parts that separate one from another. What is it?

Then, let us dig deeper into this study.

Information Security VS Cyber Security

What is Information Security?

Infosec is another way to call “data security.” So, it means creating sure of the data’s CIA or:

  • Confidentiality. To stop all illegal access.
  • Integrity. Keep data in the correct order and cancel illegal changes.
  • Availability. Allowed people should be able to access it anytime.

Also, it makes sure that no one can reach the data while storing or transferring. Then, this data or information can be:

  • biometrics
  • social media profile
  • data on phones
  • company data
  • employee data
  • customer data
  • personal data
  • electronic or non-electronic

Then, Infosec has many systems like:

  • access control policy
  • password policy

So, the central point of Infosec is to make sure data is safe and is broader than cybersecurity. Thus, meaning, a form can be an Infosec expert without being a cybersecurity expert.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is about defending lots of digital devices like:

  • computers
  • servers
  • mobile devices
  • electronic systems
  • networks
  • data

So, it tries to not let these things hurt from any cyber-attacks that can hurt them. That in turn, would also harm the business.

Then, avoiding these crimes have five main sorts:

  • network security
  • application security
  • information security
  • operational security
  • disaster recovery

What are these charges, then? It has four main kinds:

  • Cybercrime. For money.
  • Cyberattacks. For personal reasons, like attack, etc.
  • Cyberterrorism. For political ideas.

But how are these attacks get saved? Here are some samples:

  • virus
  • trojans
  • spyware
  • ransomware
  • adware
  • botnets
  • SQL injection
  • phishing

That sounds like bad news, right? Of course, firms do not want to be a victim of these. That is why cybersecurity is important.

So, do you now see the difference between the two? But some items are the same. What are these? Let us see.

The Addition

As said, both have some similar features. So, these are:

  • Both have a part in securing physical things. If there are data in a storehouse, physical security is important. Then, the more digital data becomes, it is active to defend the device where it is. So, even though you cannot padlock your computer, Infosec and cybersecurity help. By having the right people the only ones to have the reach to it.
  • Both see the value of data. In today’s new world, data is now king. And both Infosec and cybersecurity agree with this. They see which data is the most important than focus on keeping these secure. So that there is no illegal access of some sort.

So, these are the key parts that make both similar. What do you think of these two? What actions are you doing in your firm to have these in place and protect your data?

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