Cybersecurity Vs. Information Security

Let’s Discuss cybersecurity vs information security. What are the differences between these two and how important is it in these modern days.

Things To Learn On Cybersecurity Vs Information Security

So they’re a lot of discussion about these two-term. Therefore let us tackle the difference between cybersecurity and information security.

So when we say cybersecurity, is all about the protection of data found in electronic form. Such as the following:

  • Mobile devices
  • Servers
  • Computers
  • Networks
  • Etc.

So it a part of identifying what are the critical data and where it resides. Also the risk exposure and the technology you have to implement in order to protect it.

However, on the other hand, information security is data security. So if you are an information security specialist it is your concern of the confidential.

Also, your concern of integrity and availability of your data. That why modern business data reside electronically on the following:

  • servers
  • laptops
  • desktops
  • internet

But a year ago before all confidential information is migrated online. It is was sitting in the filing cabinet and some confidential information still is.

So the security is concerned with making sure data in a form. So let’s tackle more about these two.

Idea Of Information Security

So the information security is a general term for the way companies. Also, individuals protect their valuable assets such as the following:

  • business records
  • personal data 
  • intellectual-property 
  • etc.

Therefore this data is stored in many ways just like the following:

  • on servers and hard drives
  • they can be physical files
  • on personal devices
  • in the Cloud

Moreover, the ways you protect it will change that you can’t use the same defense tools. Also for the paper records as you would with digital files.

So it should be kept in a drawer and only accessible to approved personnel. Also, whether it is placing the files in a locker room or locking the drawer itself.

So the digital files require technological defenses. So you can access controls to ensure that only approved users can view them.

Therefore the general principle remains the same. So if you implementing controls that limit who can view the information.

So the information security concerns the overall practice. The main concern is to protect personal data and the ways to manage that.

Idea Of Cybersecurity

So the cybersecurity is particular on a type of information security.

That why it refers to the ways that companies protect digital information like the following:

  • devices
  • networks, 
  • servers
  • programs
  • digital assets.

However, it is only one viewpoint of information security. So it gets the most attention because cyber threats are far more likely than physical ones.

So the criminal hacking and internal errors are the leading causes of data gaps. That why it makes sense to prioritize cases that lessen these risks.

So it, not that cybersecurity and physical security are totally separate. However, these should be complemented with cybersecurity measures.

So that the protection of your company should not be stolen. But some measures might include a password to protecting your device.

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