Information Security Plan: The Process

Learn more about information security and the process of creating a perfect plan. What are the steps or the takeaways that should you remember?

Introduction About Information Security Plan

Information security is a process or strategy where the main goal is to protect the following:

  • Electronic materials,
  • confidential data information,
  • printing or software materials.

Also, most importantly it maintains the safeties of the data from the following:

  • misuse of data,
  • unauthorized access,
  • disclosure and disruption
  • modification,
  • and all aspects that could ruin the data.

So here comes the importance of the information security plan. A company should have one.

So what are the process takeaways in making one?

Create A Information Security Plan: Steps For Planning

So here are the following steps to create the best plan for your information security.

  • Always do the review and landscape.

Your company should have a consistent schedule in reviewing every aspect of your company. Especially in terms of your security systems. 

Moreover, it is also a requirement that is needed if you are partnering with other companies. It is to secure that your company is capable of securing important matters.

Another thing is, it is a self-imposed industry standard. So it expected to start in the external stakeholders of your company.

  • Specify the important things. Such as the governance and supervisions and responsibility.

Another important thing to be part of your security plan is to have a team. It should be in two teams.

These are the following:

  • computer information response, and 
  • computer information security response.

So these teams will be accountable the securing your company policy. Moreover, they should also be accountable for securing the procedures or the implementation.

So note that these teams play a big part in information security implementation.

  • Always have the inventory of your company assets.

To inventory everything that you have in your company. Especially everything valuable and crucial in your company.

You can build a hardware and software inventory. It will help you in determining your following existing controls.

Moreover, it is kind of simple but a crucial part. Why? Because you need to understand everything.

Otherwise, you won’t able to protect it in any matter. You can download templates or tools that could help you in your inventory.

Things To Remember In Your Implementation

So asides from the steps that you should follow. Here are the following takeaways that you should consider too.

It should be followed religiously to have a more comprehensive security plan. So here are the following:

  • Testing and evaluation

Create a security policy that will identify the threats and risk factors that your business will face. Moreover, testing from time to time could help you in this.

Why? Because in the testing process you will able to see the possible risk you might encounter.

  • Risk remediation

So after the testing, you able to determine the risk. Then you start addressing everything and make actions.

  • Training

One of the factors risk infiltrates the system is human error. Therefore, a training could bring more skills and awareness to your staff.

With this, you will able to avoid human error.

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