Information Security Officer Salary

Learn about the information security officer salary and their responsibility. Also, what are the following offers they earn based on their experience?

Introduction About The Information Security Officer Salary

We will learn more about the information security officer jobs and the salary that they earn. 

But first, lets us know the job details of the information security officer. 

So the information security officer plays a big role in securing your company. The first responsibility of the office is to ensure the data of the company.

They are in charge of planning and implementing the effectiveness of the technology solutions. So it could prevent any internal or external malicious users.

Also, they make sure to maintain the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your crucial data assets. Moreover, they are responsible installation of the right hardware and software devices.

Such as the following:

  • routers to ensure data protection,
  • antivirus,
  • firewalls,
  • anti-malware

These are needed to make sure that everything in the network is filtered. Also, to avoid any unwanted intrusions.

Additional duties of the information security officers are to train their team and the staff of the company. They need to train them it comes of proper handling or using the computer systems.

Moreover, they need to give them tips to avoid any unfortunate situations that occur in the data. Such as breaches, threats, and corruption.

Officers are also are responsible to back up the crucial information assets in two ways.

  • physical data storage
  • cloud storage.

Information Security Officer Salary

So we already know that they have a big role in securing your company data. Therefore, you might ask.

How much do you need to pay for an information security officer? Or Ho much salary they earn in this tough job.

So here we go.

An average information security officer has a salary of $ 92,267 yearly. However, they have a bonus of $ 971 to $ 21,000.

However, they might be depending on the company or the achievement they achieve. Also, they have a profit-sharing of $ 196 – $ 10,000.

It is based on the survey dated January 2021. So it is only recently.

Base On The Experienced

So the salary may vary in the experience of the information security officer. Therefore, here are the differences based on the experience.

For the 1 year experience, it could average up to $ 67,000. Then 1 year up to 4 years experience officer, they may earn up to $ 76,000.

For the middle experts of 5 years to 9 years, they could earn up to $ 91,000. So the next 10 years to 19 years they can earn up to $ 107, 000.

Moreover, for the experience of the 20 years and up they could earn up to $ 115,000.

However, it could be changed or may vary again depending on the company you are in. Also, sometimes, they depend on the skillsets that you could offer to them whatever year of experience you have. 

So the level of expertise and skillsets is still the valuable thing you could have. So gather more skills and capabilities to get the best company.

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