GameStop Data Breach Report

The video game company confirmed the GameStop Data Breach. It also reported that hackers could have stolen credit cards and customer information.

Why did the breach happen? And if you’ve shopped at, what can you do to secure your data?

GameStop Data Breach

GameStop is one of the most popular websites in the United States. In fact, it ranked the 269th in a web statistics firm.

Moreover, it gained more than $8.6 billion in sales in 2016. They also have more than 7,000 stores. Their branches include those in:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Europe

In April 2017, GameStop confirmed that they are investigating a possible data breach. They also said that it might have leaked customers’ credit card information.

Still, we have no idea how many retail store locations are affected by the breach.

Also, GameStop customers received letters. It informed them that their credit cards may have been stolen.

Although, the company did not announce the exact numbers yet. But they said that all customers who ordered between August 2016 to February 2017 are at risk.

Because it lasted for months, we can say that many people were exposed. The leaked information may include:

  • full names of customers
  • billing addresses
  • credit card information
  • three-digit security numbers or the card verification value
  • expiration dates of cards

However, GameStop did not comment on the timeframe. They also did not say the type of data affected.

Originally, online stores should not take note of the three-digit security numbers. But in this case, hackers put malicious codes on the website. So, they can steal the codes.

The damage of GameStop Data Breach

It affected the company greatly. GameStop announced that it closed around 150 stores.

It is because of the sustained drops in the sales of the company. Thus, it became a setback for GameStop.

More so, it disappointed a lot of customers. As they fail to secure private information. Especially that it involved card accounts.

What GameStop did

GameStop received an alert from a third-party company about the breach. The third party also told them that the data was offered for sale on a website.

Thus, GameStop hired a leading security firm. It assisted them in their investigations.

Moreover, the video game company said that they will fix the issue. They will also take action to identify what caused it.

Additionally, they sent notification letters to their customers.

What you can do

GameStop informed their customers of the steps they can take. If you are a customer of GameStop, it’s best if you check for an email first. As mentioned, they sent out emails to the affected customers. 

If you received the letter, take the following steps as recommended:

  1. Monitor your accounts. You can keep track of your card or bank account statements. Then, check for unauthorized charges.
  2. Inform your bank or card issuer. If there is an unusual activity, report it immediately.
  3. Apply a freeze. To avoid unwanted charges to your account, you can ask your issuer or bank to freeze your account. So, hackers cannot use your information.
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