How To Prevent A Data Breach And Protect Your Data

Companies and individuals must know how to prevent data breach. Everyone is at risk. So, how to prevent data breach? what are the top effective ways to prevent this type of security threats?

Proper training of employees.

A company should train its employees about security threats. This training may include the following details:

  1. Know how to treat devices about information security.
  2. Keep passwords a secret.
  3. Be careful about getting emails from unknown senders.

Mock a phishing attack.

Most of the security threats come from malicious emails or links. So, you can hire the phishing simulators. Thus, when a phishing attack happens, your employees are prepared.

This simulation can serve as training for your staff. Also, you can remind them of the following tips:

  1. Double-check an email.
  2. Never download files from untrusted websites.
  3. Avoid clicking links that are too good to be true.

Limit access to private data.

A company should have rules about data access. You can give access to these data only to those who are authorized.

For example, not all employees should access your Payroll accounts. You can only provide access to those in that department.

Get a cloud provider.

You can also consider hiring a cloud provider for your private data. Not all companies have a good IT department.

So, you can get a major cloud provider. They can secure your system against information security threats.

Use proper passwords.

We all like passwords that are easy to remember, right? But, these passwords can lead to a data breach.

So, train your employees to strengthen their passwords. Also, avoid using passwords that have 1234 or abcd.

Additionally, you can make policy in your company about using strong passwords.

Use multi-factor authentication.

Do you have super sensitive information? Use multi-factor when accessing that. Apart from using strong passwords, enable a multi-factor way.

Back up your data regularly.

Most companies skip the backing up part. But, this is so important. When breaches happen, you can still access your data if you have a backup.

You can backup your data using a cloud service or a hard drive.

Create social network policies.

You can apply policies regarding social media use. Make sure that your employees do not leak information to social media posts.

Moreover, most breaches start with phishing emails. Hackers can usually find these emails from oversharing of information on social media.

Update your software.

It is also important to update your apps regularly. Also, install the necessary patches of the apps.

Malware usually comes from outdated applications. And it can cause a data breach.

Hire an expert.

When we are sick, we go to doctors, right? We don’t try to perform surgery on ourselves, too.

Likewise, a security expert can help us solve security threats. And when breaches happen, we can always get a security expert.

Also, hackers are technology experts. So, we also need experts that will help us fight against these hackers.

Obey information security standards.

All companies and businesses must obey security standards. Otherwise, they can pay a fine if breaches happen. Remember, breaches can leak data.

And when these data are compromised, policies like GDPR can request for a fine.

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