FEMA Data Breach

FEMA data breach. 

It is the Federal Emergency Management Agency. They are responsible when it comes to governmental cases that could destroy the agency. 

But because of what they do, they have become one of the targets of cyber attacks as well. That happened a year ago. 

In this article, we will know more about what happened. At the same time, we will know how come did they have the data breach. 

Also, we will know how they solved the problem. In this case, we will be able to take in knowledge on how to solve it. 

So, let us start with how it works. 

FEMA Data Breach

They are responsible when it comes to keeping the security of the records of the management. 

There was a data mishap that caused the problem. So, it caused a huge problem. Especially that this is connected to the government. 

They said it is because of the oversharing. 

What Happened?

As mentioned, they thought that there was an oversharing of data that caused the breach. 

That involves sensitive and necessary information. But, it went the other way around. 

That involves the information about the survivors of the California wildfires in 2017. 

They do not need to share the other information but they did. So, that caused a problem. 

As a result, there are over 2 million affected people who were involved in the data breach. 

It involves the name, address, and banking information. It may cause safety and security. 

Due to that information, it caused a mystery over what happened. 

Big Effect

Because of its big effect, they need to conduct an investigation to see what is going on. 

After that, they can take control of the data breach. So, they can destroy whatever is causing the problem.

Once they identify the factor, they will be able to block it from the system. It will not attack anymore. 

This will ensure that the security system will have a tighter process. At the same time, they will know when they can use it again.

Also, they can build a new procedure that will not allow other viruses to enter.


As mentioned earlier, they made a solution to the problem. After identifying and blocking, they created a tight security system. 

Also, they removed the unnecessary data about the survivors of the wildfire. In that case, it will not have its use against them. 

This will result in double security. They received help from the authorities that are expert when it comes to cybersecurity.

This also serves as a lesson not to overshare data. Those unnecessary ones. 

On the other hand, they did not give more information about the contractor.

But, they assured me that they are working on solving the problem. 


So we can conclude that oversharing data will become a problem. That case is true even with regards to government data. 

At the same time, it is important to depend on those who are experts in the matter. That is to make sure that they will have their absolute solution.

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