AMCA Data Breach

AMCA Data Breach.

This is the American Medical Collection Agency. They are focusing when it comes to the production of healthcare factors. 

They provide convenience to patients. It is because they are the ones who provide services and more. 

But, there was a data breach that lasted for almost a year. 

In this article, we will know more about why it took so long. At the same time, what happened to their system. 

We can also identify the things we need to watch out for to prevent this long length. Also, to protect our system to get hacked in the first place.

AMCA Data Breach

Billing services gives a lot of vulnerable information. Because this is the process where you pay and give transactions. 

At the same time, it releases a big amount of money. It is because it is 

in relation to health. 

Being a victim of a data breach in this industry can be quite dangerous. 

How It Happened

It started with a group of hackers that compromised the network

Because of that, over 20 million accounts had an effect. That includes their personal information and financial data. 

It was a huge problem because all private and vulnerable information got exposure.

Also, they stole the information of the corporation itself. They are confidential files only both for the medical field and the agency. 

As a result, it caused more problems when it comes to data and security. Both for the company and the users who paid for the billing. 

Why Eight Months?

The data breach lasted from August 1, 2018, to March 30, 2019. They needed to conduct an investigation.

Remember that millions were affected. But, they were not able to contact all of them immediately. Especially about the danger of what happened.

At first, they thought that thousands were only affected. But because many had misinformation, it created more issues about the data breach. 

They demanded an explanation that they deserve. They asked for official statements because it involves vulnerable information. 

Because of that, it became a big issue. Knowing that the national authorities also made an investigation about the incident. 


We can take a lesson with regards to what happened. 

We must know the risk of taking personal information. We can do that by remembering the principles of information security. 

Keeping them in mind will help in maintaining the tight security of the system. 

At the same time, resolving it involves the people who got it affected. So, they have the right to know what happened. 

Because it involves their safety and security. 

So, this is a lesson that either small big, or business must keep in mind. As a result, you will prevent them. 


AMCA data breach provides a lesson for every corporation. At the same time, it helps when it comes to maintaining the name of the company. 

Also, being responsible to the people involved is a good way to resolve it with peace. 

So, it will not take a long time. It will be a good step.

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