Facts Everyone Should Know About Cybersecurity Attacks in 2021

New day, new cybersecurity attacks news. Unfortunately, the numbers aren’t going down.

Here are some facts everyone should know about cybersecurity attacks in 2021. Read on to learn more.

Cybersecurity Attacks Today

We learn lessons every year. We even make resolutions of what we want to do for the following one.

But, what did 2020 teach us about cybersecurity? It’s that we need to have it all the time.

Why? Because hackers don’t care whether millions have died because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, it inspired them to hack more.

So, we’re not just fighting against the global pandemic. We are also facing a global concern: cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Attacks: A Global Concern

Experts say that we were overdue for a pandemic. And that it could come anytime.

Still, the COVID-19 pandemic caught us off guard. It also reveals how we were not prepared at all.

Not to mention the sudden changes it brought. Businesses closed operations. Schools have paused classes. Health protocols were imposed.

It’s past one year since it all happened. Yet some countries still have social distancing protocols.

So, a lot of projects are still halted. And most companies now adapt work-from-home setups, just to continue work.

True, it paused a lot of operations. But, hackers didn’t see this as a rest period. 

They are even busier now. In fact, computer hacks happen every 39 seconds on average

And now that workers work from home, their IT team can’t safeguard them. So, hackers took that as a chance to attack vulnerable networks.

Microsoft also said saw a rise in pandemic-related scams. It even reached up to 30,000 a day in the US. Ransomware also rose up to 800% during the pandemic.

But, here’s what’s worse: this is just the start. We can expect more, especially in the new normal.

So, what should we expect in 2021? Here are some attacks to watch out for.

Watch Out for These Cybersecurity Attacks in 2021

Remote work issues

Remote work protects employees from the virus. But, it doesn’t make them safer from cybersecurity attacks.

In fact, they are more at risk now. For example, employees don’t have security capabilities at home.

Some even use Public Wi-Fis to work. So, hackers can exploit those networks.

The Nigerian Prince scam

The classic Nigerian Prince scam is about a crook. Then, it promises to give millions, pretending to be a foreign royal. 

But, you can only get it if you give your bank information. Little do you know that it’s a way to steal your money.

Now, scammers pretend to be a charity or government agency. Then, they promise to send money as a relief good.

Attack on COVID-19 vaccine and drug developers

Major threats are directed towards pharmaceutical companies. Now, hackers try to steal confidential data about the COVID-19 vaccine.

It even attacked those who develop cancer drugs. Most ask for ransom before they give back the stolen data.

Attacks on the Internet-connected devices

We hear news about hacks, but this one is new. It even attacks the most vulnerable sector, healthcare.

Computer researchers developed a computer virus that can put fake tumors on CT scans. So, doctors can misdiagnose high-profile patients.

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