Cybersecurity or Cyber Security: Which Is Which?

Cybersecurity or Cyber Security? Have also you noticed the different spellings between the two?

Well, it may seem like all of them are correct. And yet we even saw another one, “cyber-security.”

And even if we type whichever of the three, tons of articles will still show up. Some even use all three spellings.

So, which is which? Cyber-security, cybersecurity, or cyber security. Which of them is correct?

Also, why are they different when they mean the same? That is the question we’re gonna discuss in this article.

What is Cybersecurity or Cyber Security?

Before we talk about its spellings, let’s define the word first.

Cybersecurity or cyber security means protecting cyber systems. It is also part of the Information Security (InfoSec) umbrella term.

And because of that, it also covers the CIA of information, which means:

  • Confidentiality – keeping information private
  • Integrity – keeping information correct
  • Availability – keeping the information accessible

Finally, it includes security practices and tools. So, anyone who applies it can prevent threats and risks.

It includes:

  • cyberattacks
  • malware
  • malicious insider
  • external hacker
  • IT systems fault
  • human error

But, is it one word, though?

Cybersecurity or Cyber Security: Which is Which?

The spelling for this term is actually not yet set. So, there’s no universal spelling for cybersecurity.

Studies also show that it may depend on where you live. Or the preference of your security community.

For example, some may say cybersecurity, cyberattacks, and cybercrimes. But, others would separate them, i.e. cyber security, cyber attacks, and cyber crimes.

And yes, there are also some who would put a hyphen between them. Still, a lot of dictionaries accept various spellings. So, we may think that these three are acceptable in the English community.

But, here’s the interesting part. Famous dictionaries like Merriam-Webster and Weboedia do not accept “cyber security” as definable.

They only accept compound words. Yes, cybersecurity.

GovTech also said that the single word is more used in Washington DC., The White House, and Washington Post. 

Is Cybersecurity One Word?

Whatever we say, English is still evolving. Some spellings come and go. And different spellings are deemed acceptable in the industry.

Still, we hope there’s a consistent spelling of this word soon. But for now, we will stick to “cybersecurity.”

So, we know what cybersecurity is. Now, how can you apply it?

Cybersecurity or Cyber Security Best Practices

Here are some of the best practices you can apply.

Identify your information assets

If you know what information is important to you, you can also know how to protect them. Plus, it will help you examine the possible risks.

Update regularly

Having outdated apps is useless. It’s like locking your gates with a rusty padlock. 

So, it’s important to update them regularly. So, it can patch security gaps. And keep you updated on the latest threats.

Understand the existing tools

Tools without humans are also next to nothing. How can you update something if you don’t know how to?

So, understand the tools. Then, know what can be applied to your needs.

For example, you can install anti-virus apps on your computers. Companies can also conduct awareness training. So, every employee can become their first line of defense.

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