Town Of Salem Data Breach: Suffers

Town Of Salem Data Breach: Suffers. A hacker stole 7.6 million browser-based games “Town of Salem,” private information. But BMG kept silent.

A hacker stole 7.6 million browser-based games “Town of Salem,” private information from users. BlankMediaGames (BMG) stated on a blog.
DeHashed said he spent both of his Christmas and New Year vacations attempting to reach the hacker. Further, still committed to alert the server BMG.
Finally, the compromised servers were patched but” many backdoors removed.” The following details seem infiltrated from the Town of Salem servers. According to a review of the leaked user data got by DeHashed.

Stolen files

Name of User
Addresses of Email
In phpass, MD5(WordPress), MD5(phpBB3) format Passwords
Addresses of IP
The activity of Game & Forum
Game bonus features, but without credit card or payment information

Achilles, one of the BMG staff members, said to clarify, we do not handle money at all.” “Payment processors from third parties are the ones who deal with all of this. Hence, we see none of your credit card or payment information.

The DeHashed business service, which is similar to HIBP, has also shared the data with HIBP. DeHashed is the most successful business service. When your data is included in the Town of Salem leak, users who registered on HIBP should receive an e-mail alert.

Dealing with the data breach

For now, BMG has not yet reported the consequences of the hack. Except for a short forum post. As a first step, the firm encouraged gamers to change passwords for their account. Although an in-game message is preferable to a forum post that is not likely to be seen by all users. For further comments, we could not reach the company.

Data is a vague term that may contain a broad variety of details. Further, means that various collections need to be split up. Before we discuss how each field is critical for your privacy and protection. 

Personal information

It can contain your name, your actual home address, your contact number, your contact information, your date of birth, your marital status, your U.S. and social security numbers, your relatives, jobs and education, and other information about your health status.

Why is it important? All this record, whether lost for various data infringements or stolen by phishing attacks. This will provide ample information for criminals to carry out identity fraud. Further, borrow loans on your behalf, and likely hack online accounts. Which depends on the answer to security questions correctly. This detail can also be a gold mine for advertisers who have no backbone in the wrong hands.

Habits and trips to the website

An Internet services provider (ISP) tracks and maybe hijacked internet operations. Although there are few users that can attack at the ISP level, cookies that are tiny bits of text that are downloaded and saved on the web pages that you are accessing can also be monitored. You can also watch your behavior on several websites via browser plugins.

Why is it important? Cookies can be used to configure internet interactions, including tailor-made ads. This can go too far, though as it happens, as the unique identifiers applied to a cookie are used via multiple services and on many marketing channels. This is often viewed as invasive.

Email and messages  

Mostly, our e-mail accounts are the way to connect all other user accounts and document our contact with friends, families, and colleagues

Why is it important? When an e-mail address functions as a particular portal for other services, the hijack of multiple accounts and resources is a common compromise.

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