Target Data Breach Settlement

Target data breach settlement. It is reported that it was one of the biggest data breaches of the year 2013.

Target is known to be one of the most popular markets in the US. Hundreds are coming to buy in this store. 

So, it is no doubt that a lot of cardholders were also affected by the Target data breach. But, the management got the solutions done faster. 

Target Data Breach Cause

The data breach happened because hackers got access to an HVAC company. So, they were able to get plenty of information with the said company. 

But, the management was quick to respond to the problem. Even so, the huge effect of it was so evident. 

Also, it is still big even if the error was a little piece. This is how important cybersecurity is. At the same time, it will help the information security be tight. 

The data breach involved the information of the consumer. The credit card information was also affected by it. 

This has raised worries for the hundreds of customers who went to Target. It was from November 27 to December 18 of 2013. 

Target Data Breach Settlement

The company got a solution for the customers. They extracted money over $18.5 million as an apology. 

Also, they solved a more safe form of security. This will enable their trustworthiness for the consumers. Also, to buy at their stores again. 

The wide impact of the data breach because of a small error is a lesson. It is for sure that they will be able to tighten their security plans even more. 

How to Avoid Data Breach

One of the most important ways is to have a security plan. You do not know when the hackers will attack your data. 

So, prepare for a solution. This will help you act faster whenever they try to get into your information security. It will also serve as protection. 

Also, identify the threats. When you know the problem, it will be easy for you to get away from it. 

At the same time, you will have a lot of preparation of solutions to make. 

Another reason is that you will let others be aware of the threats. Some do not know that their credit cards are getting hacked. 

So, you will be able to help in raising awareness for others too. It will be a great help to them in the future.


Target data breach is a lesson. One error can affect many. So, be careful with the data and ensure the security plan. 

They had a settlement as an apology for $18.5 million. This is for sure to help the consumers to bring back their trust in buying to their company. 

You can also have a part in preventing a data breach.

First, prepare for the plans in case it happens.

Second, identify the potential ways of hackers. 

Third, let others know. They will have prepared in the future too.

This will help you prevent data breaches faster. Also, you will save the security of others.

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