Netflix Data Breach

Netflix data breach. The growth of technology benefits us. Sometimes it’s dangerous. There are some reports about hacking and data breach.

Netflix data breach is one of them. Is it still safe to trust in this digital world?

What is a data breach?

A data breach is an event where a person’s details from a system stolen without permission. As a result, companies will suffer. People are also affected. 

Also, it steals confidential information. Like customer data, credit card pieces of information, as well as security.

Additionally, it can harm a company’s reputation. Its customers can also suffer from economic loss. Why does it happen?

Why there is a data breach?

For instance, here are some reasons why there is a data breach.

  • Weak or stolen passwords. Also, using the same passwords to different accounts is dangerous. 
  • Malicious software like computer viruses. 
  • A hateful employee can use its access to use or steal confidential information.

How Netflix got affected?

Meanwhile, Netflix is very known as a streaming entertainment service. Its members enjoy documentaries, tv series, and movies. They pay for membership.

Today, stealing data is widespread. Due to the coronavirus, many are desperate. These push them to do whatever it takes to make money.

Some scammer takes advantage. They copy the original user’s Netflix login password. Then, they sell it.

The real owner will find later on that they can’t access their account.They can’t log in sometimes. In some cases, they discovered they seen movies without knowing it.

They might invent a password. Then, try to log in many times. And sell it at a lower price.

Reports say that authorities discovered an illegal streaming site. They offer movies and shows for Netflix users only.

These hackers offer lower prices. They use the company’s subscriptions and steal it from original members. Criminals were arrested and collected millions from their deeds.

But, Netflix monitors these data breaches. They gave a warning not to reuse passwords. Yet, if there will be attempts, they will notify their members.

How do we know if there is a data breach?

Technology nowadays grows. So, having an updated system can help see a potential danger. 

We can also have our tools to detect a data breach. Use an effective tool. It may be costly, but it can prevent future data breaches.

How to stay safe?

Sometimes, we can’t prevent it from happening. Yet, we can think about how to save our data.

Check and update systems and networks. Also, everyone in the company may know about these breaches. These could help them see the danger and knows what to do.

We can keep track of our bank transactions. Check receipts. In this way, we can notice right away suspicious activities.

Moreover, being alert is wise. Don’t believe everything you see on social media. Offers can be deceiving.

Also, devices like laptops and mobile phones need to be secured. We may install security software. Update this software from time to time. 

Lastly, we must secure our accounts. Don’t use the same passwords for different accounts. These may apply to e-mail addresses on other sites.

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