MSU Data Breach

A lot of establishments are worried. because of data MSU Data Breach. It is because their website is consecutively hacked. 

They have considered reasons why it happens again and again. MSU also responded immediately to resolve the program. 

When did it happen? What should they do to prevent the system? Was every information exposed during the data breach? Let us now find out. 

When did MSU Data Breach Happen?

In 2016, Michigan State University published a news about the exposed public information. It is for the reason of heads up and warning for everyone. 

But three years after, it occurred again. It between September 7 to October 8, 2019. The ones who had transactions within those days had their data exposed

The news is alarming. Also, it will mean security issues after getting notified of their personal information. 

It did fix immediately. But recently, there occurred again a problem. Michigan State University gave a report that last June 2020, there was a data breach again. 

It included the following;

  • Name – The one who carried the name of the credit card. It is dangerous because of the identity itself. It will also mean that he is vulnerable to danger. 
  • Phone Numbers – It is dangerous because of our advancing technology. There is a new software that could track you wherever you go by using your phone number. 
  • Credit card – Credit card numbers were exposed. It also included the expiration date and security code. This information can be a target for thieves. It is because they can get money through it. 

Why It Happened

As MSU always finds a way to get a solution towards the issue, they still have a problem with the data breach. It is because of their system. 

So, their website and system themselves are the problems. It is prone to danger because it is vulnerable. The network itself is easily hacked. 

But, MSU is nonstop when it comes to providing solutions to this problem. They are working on it now especially now because it happened in consecutive years. 

One reason also is that since it brought to their attention, they are now focusing on it. Also, the solution should be a permanent one. 

There is an advantage in a long-term solution. I is for them to provide secure protection for their clients. Also, they will be able to focus on maintaining the system through the resolution they made. 

MSU has a fast response. It indicates that they are responsible for what is going on. 


No doubt that the consecutive data breach that occurred gave them a lesson. MSU now collects data on what to avoid especially when it comes to security.

Michigan State University’s response towards the issue shows that they are responsible. They care about the welfare of their clients. At the same time, it still increases the trust rate for the company. 

It is important to build a long-term solution. So that it will not occur like what happened to the MSU data breach. 

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