Information Security Engineer Salary

Know more about the job of the information security engineer and the average salary they earn. Also, is the qualifications in this career.

Introduction About The Information Security Engineer Salary

We will tackle one of the interesting careers the field in the field of information security. It is the information security engineer and the salary that they earn.

Interesting, right? So for the knowledge of everyone, the information security engineers are also called, a security analyst.

They are in also the charge of securing your company’s computer networks and systems. Also, they are responsible for making a plan about the security systems.

Moreover, after the planning, they are also responsible for executing it. It is to monitor properly and protect the crucial data.

So with this, infiltration and cyberattacks are avoided. Another thing is that security analysts are part of the IT team, they play a big role here.

So as they play a big role in information security, how much do they earn in this field?

Information Security Engineers Average Salary

Base on the research, information security earns an average salary of $ 95,070 yearly. They also have a bonus of $

2,000 up to $ 20,000.

Also, they have a profit-sharing that amounts to $ 517 up to $ 24,000.

However, there are some changes if it varies base on the experience. Here are the following:

  • For the entry-level that has experience of 1 year, they could earn up to $ 68,000.
  • The Early Career that has experience of 1-4 years could earn up to $ 82,000.
  • In the Mid year career an experience of 5 to 9 years they could earn up to $ 97,000.
  • The late-career, that have experience of 10 to 19 years could earn up to $ 111,000.
  • The Experience level that has experience over 20 years, could earn up to $ 119,000.

What Are The Jobs Description?

 So aside from that their main goals are to protect your computer systems. Here are also, some other tasks or responsibilities they need to accomplish.

Here is the following list:

  • Create and build the following information security plans and policies of your company.
  • They should implement the protections.
  • Test for the system for the risk and vulnerabilities.
  • Do a consistent monitor security breaches.
  • Investigate if ever security breaches occur.

The Skills Needed In This Career

They should have the following skills to be qualified in this career.

  • Someone should have experience in the following:
    • Intrusion detection,
    • Anti-virus software, and 
    • content filtering.
  • Should have knowledge or learnings in the risk assessment follows:
    • tools,
    • methods, and
    • technologies.
  • They should also have experience in planning, researching, and also standards procedures.
  • Know how to communicate well in terms of network security issues. Why? Because they will need to educate or train their teams.
  • Have the capacity of understanding the results of the following:
    • malicious code,
    • mobile code, and
    • anti-virus software.
  • Lastly, they should know about the following disaster recovery in case of events happens. Also, computer forensics tools and technology methods.
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