iCloud Data Breach

Is an iCloud data breach possible? How can hackers and cybercriminals get into a person’s iCloud account successfully? What is the harm that comes with this? Read on to know more.

iCloud Data Breach

Today, there are many ways to hack an iCloud account. First, hackers can get access to an iCloud account through phishing. What is this?

Phishing is a process whereby an attacker sends an email to the victim and the content of the email appears to be from a legitimate source such as Apple or other official institutions. The process works when the victim clicks on a link in the email and enters his/her credentials. 

Then, the next way is to get information from other online accounts such as social media sites and online services. The third method is keylogging wherein a cybercriminal can get the victim’s password by installing spyware into the device he/she uses or by using an app that records all typing made by the user. 

Finally, hackers can get information regarding iCloud data breaches by accessing data from other online services such as Gmail, Facebook, and Amazon.

iCloud Data Breach: The Dangers

Once hackers get access to your Apple ID and password, they can do various things such as:

  • stealing photos, videos, documents, and contacts saved in your account; 
  • they can also gain access to your Apple account ID, credit card information if you use it for payment; 
  • they can gain access to your call logs; 
  • then, they can see all emails you’ve sent or received; 
  • they can also remotely lock or erase all of your devices that are connected to that iCloud account; 
  • further, they can send messages on your behalf; they can even run malicious software on your device; 
  • they can change your settings; 
  • and worst of all, they can see all of your contacts including their addresses and phone numbers.

iCloud Data Breach: The Solution

To avoid this kind of incident, you should keep your Apple devices secure with anti-virus software installed. You should always check emails before clicking anything in them to ensure that it’s not a phishing message.

Then, you should also delete all unwanted emails that you receive. You should also delete old accounts, especially those that contain sensitive information that you don’t need anymore. It’s also wise to use complex passwords with capital letters, symbols, numbers, and special characters so nobody will guess what they are.

Further, you need to be careful with what you post on social media sites so that nobody will have access to your personal information. You should also use a strong password for your emails and online accounts.

You can also protect your device by enabling two-step verification for your Apple account. This will send a security code to your phone number or email address when you sign in, therefore, it will be harder for a hacker to gain access to your Apple ID and password.

Last Words

As you can see, an iCloud data breach is possible. To keep your information safe, you need to ensure that your device is secure. You have to have anti-virus software installed on your device. Then, follow the tips above.

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