Entry Level Information Security Jobs

Information security is one of the in-demand areas worldwide. And there are so many entry level information security jobs! Thus, are you are looking for work in IT?

Hence, read on to learn more about jobs!

Security Experts

It is a wide word for entry and middle-level roles in IT. They also work on defending data. Also, they find out the flaws.

Moreover, they watch systems and networks. Thus, they solve security breaks.

Common Work Title and Descriptions

  • Information Security Analyst. They are the first group of security in networks. Also, they learn about the dangers. Plus, they watch holes.
  • Ethical Hackers. They are also called Penetration Testers. They copy a hack. Thus, it helps them know the vulnerabilities of a method.
  • Security Administrator. They operate and keep a secure network of a business.


  • Information Security Analyst – $30,000-45,000
  • Ethical Hackers – $30,000
  • Security Administrator – $30,000

Needs And Skills

Most information security experts have IT or Computer Science degrees. Also, most of them have STEM topics in school. In addition, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics.

Moreover, common degrees include the following:

  • Forensic Computing
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Information Technology
  • Network Engineering

Additionally, some need the following hard jobs:

  • Python
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • JavaSc

Career Path

Also, you can develop your work in the following job roles:

  • Security Architect
  • Security Manager
  • IT Project Manager
  • Security Consultant
  • Security Directors
  • Chief Information Security Officers or CISO

Computer Forensic Experts

They get data after a security conflict. Like data crimes. 

Moreover, they follow rules in handling data.

Job Titles

It usually includes the following titles:

  • Security apprentice
  • Security content engineer
  • Intel analyst
  • Threat researcher
  • Incident response analyst
  • Forensic computer analyst

Job Descriptions

They act like Sherlock Holmes. Also, their services include:

  • Using devices in forensics that get data
  • Control data or images
  • Obtain the files
  • Ensuring the networks and devices after a breach
  • Trace the hacker
  • Show proof of a breach


The average salary varies from $27,000-$32,000 every year. But, it can go up to $40,000-$100,000.

Needs and Skills

Of course, you can use this if you have a bachelor’s level in the following:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Forensic Computing
  • Others

Also, you can simply get work if you felt an OJT. Like exciting as a database admin or IT professional.

Career Path

In addition, you can improve your work to:

  • Senior Security Analysts
  • Head of Security
  • Security Consultant


Being used in Information Security. It is also a very rewarding job. Both in money articles and doing.

Moreover, data security is an important part of a firm. So, these experts are needed anywhere in the world. Hence, the more data we need to defend, the more experts are needed.

Additionally, most firms should spend on training. Also, they should hire more experts for their systems.

Thus, if you are a newbie InfoSec expert, do not shoo away the small firms. Why?

No matter the size of the business, we need information security. And sometimes, small firms help you get more action. They can also help you handle data.

Remember, hackers, are now developing. So, no matter what your security work is, keep up with the knowledge.

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