Data Breach vs Cyber Attack

Data breach vs cyber attack is a completely different thing. But many people think they are the same when they hear these terms. In what ways do they differ?

Data Breach vs Cyber Attack

Yes, both data breaches and cyber-attack are distasteful for any company today. But one is not the other. First, a data breach is when a company’s data is lost or stolen, whether through intentional or accidental disclosure.

A cyberattack on the other hand is when a hacker sets out to cause harm to an organization by breaking into their system and stealing information. The difference may seem subtle but they are different.

Hackers usually infiltrate systems to steal personal information like passwords or financial details like credit card numbers. Data breaches can be internal too; there have been cases where employees have sold confidential information to competitors. While sometimes even internal auditors have been found guilty of leaking data.  

A data breach is also more likely than a cyberattack because it may be unintentional while a cyber attack has always been intentional till now at least. Also, it is often caused by external sources while cyber attacks usually happen because of internal employees. This shows that external attacks are more likely than internal ones because companies take additional measures to protect themselves from external threats

A cyber attack can have dire consequences for an organization while a data breach does not always lead to serious repercussions. In some cases, no one knows about a data breach until long after it has occurred because it does not immediately affect the company’s operations if the data was encrypted correctly before being sent over the Internet. 

This is why companies need to have a sound information security policy in place. One that would help them detect these threats before they impact their business operations.

Avoid Data Breach and Cyber Attack

So, how do you avoid being a victim of both? Well first, you need to understand the causes of data breaches and cyber-attacks. Especially with the growing popularity of big data and cloud storage.

Cyber attacks are a threat because of the growing amount of sensitive information that is being exchanged over the Internet. Hackers today have access to a lot of information about their targets. It is no longer difficult for them to gather information from social media sites, news articles, and other sources to gather information about a company’s operations, business partners, and clients. 

The more information they have on you, the easier it is for them to penetrate your defenses and cause a data breach or a cyber attack. This makes it important that you know who your enemies are and what they want from your organization. 

Evaluate your policies and security measures in place to determine where you can improve in terms of information security. You have to have a good strategy when it comes to gathering data from clients or collecting personal information from employees or potential customers.


So, if you wish to protect your data from external threats, you must consider data protection as a part of your company’s business strategy. Make sure that you have the right information security policy in place and work with a professional.

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