Data Breach Statistics 2016: Most Hit Sectors

The data breach statistics 2016 provided noise. Because of many sectors that were hit by a data breach. In this article, we will learn some of these sectors.

Data Breach Statistics 2016: List Of Most Hit Sectors


FACC, an Austrian manufacturer of aerospace components. they revealed that they had been the target of hacking in January 2016.
Hackers, however, appeared to neglect the data and systems of the firm. Choosing to rob about €50 million rather. This is equal to around $54.5 million in U.S. dollars.
The FACC said that they didn’t change their regular activities. While they’re analyzing the damage caused and how it started.

University Of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida reported a breach of data at the start of February 2016. The impacted is almost 63,000 former and present pupils, staff, and faculty.
They found the violation in January. Even before the case was in public. The university disclosed this to the law enforcement authorities. An official investigation has also been undertaken.
Unidentified cybercriminals have hacked the university’s information system. As well as stealing a range of details. Includes Social Security numbers and the first and last names. As well as employee/student Identification number.

U.S. Department of Justice

Hackers who get upset towards U.S. ties with Israel began to draw attention to its issue in February 2016. Breaching the U.S. Database of the Department of Justice.
There is a confirmation from CNN. That, in just one day, the attackers released data on 10,000 workers of the Homeland Security Department. But then the following day, they released data on 20,000 FBI workers.
The stolen data include titles, names, contact details, and e-mail accounts. The Department of Justice cannot believe it. That they stole every classified information. Such as the Social Security numbers.

Internal Revenue Service

The breach that they found in May 2015 became much greater than originally assumed. Reported by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
In May, the IRS said more than 100,000 U.S. taxpayers had lost their private details. Because of the breach in the “Get Transcript” device. However, in February 2016, these figures raised to more than 700,000.
In addition, the IRS claims that an advanced Russian-based criminal activity is liable for the breach of data. And also that they stole personalities to file false tax benefits in the future.

UC Berkeley

Financial details from more than 80,000 the University of California. During December 2015 they were also hacked. Including Berkeley students, alumni, teachers, and school officers. It was also revealed to the public in February 2016.
The school states that whilst it was obvious that their device had been hacked. But it doesn’t really indicate the hacking on any data.
But those that might be affected are being informed. As well as, they advised them to keep a watch on their personal details.


700 former and current Snapchat workers have stolen their private details. Because attackers used a phishing scheme. In order to trick a worker with emailing personal data to them.
The hackers simply asked for received—sensitive worker details. Such as social security numbers, names, and payroll info.
But it is currently unclear who is liable for the incident. As well as how they will use the data they got.

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