CISO vs CSO: Roles And Duties

We always hear about CISO vs CSO. But what are their respective roles and duties? Let us find out in this article.

CISO: Daily Duties

Most possibly the most effective way to view the work of CISO is to learn from their daily duties. In addition, control of a strong CISO has spread across the entire business. The common CISO role consists of the following:

  • eDiscovery, IT and digital forensics inquiries
  • Cyber-Security
  • Data security and information security
  • Privacy of information
  • CERT or Computer emergency response team
  • CSIRT or Computer security incident response team
  • Recovery of disasters and maintenance of business continuity
  • Information Control of Risk
  • Management of Identification and Access
  • ISOC or Information security operations center
  • Danger and compliance governance. Such as FISMA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA.
  • Regulation of information management for financial systems

CSO: Roles And Duties

CSOs’ functions and responsibilities can vary between companies and businesses. Particularly in the private and public fields. In general, yet the following roles come together under CSO’s skills and knowledge:

  • Lead activities for risk management organizations. To improve the reputation of the organization and of the brand.
  • Manage security protocols, requirements, instructions, and procedures for development and execution. Practice requires network protection and structure. Also, network access and methods for management. As well as training and understanding for workers, and more.
  • Monitor the system of contractors and security managers. That guarantees the assets of the organization. Also intellectual property and systems for databases.
  • Coordinate to conduct unbiased compliance checks with outside vendors.
  • Act to prioritize security initiatives with other leaders. Spending is most frequently based on fair risk evaluation and/or financial approaches.
  • Maintain partnerships with law enforcement officials at the local, federal, and state level. As in all government agencies applicable to it.
  • Oversee the planning of the answer to the incident. As well as investigating violations of confidentiality. At the same time support, where required, in legal and administrative matters relating to such violations.

What Does CISO vs CSO Mean?

CISO is also known as Chief Information Security Officer. One of the most recently developed leadership roles in this work. Tracking and analyzing the risks facing the firm is the key activity of CISOs. With a view to ensuring the security of data and documents.

CSO means Chief Security Officer, on the other hand. Corporate protection is accountable to the CSOs. Their main responsibility is also to guarantee physical and technical stability. So that’s why they have to consider what services they need and how to protect them.

CSO and CISO are also used synonymously. But obviously, the terms are not related. For instance:

There is a CSO responsible for data and organizational protection for every corporation.

Any firm entrusts the CSO with full internal security. In order, to carry out data protection tasks, then depending on an expert CISO.

Any company has put physical protection in the control of the VP. Also, as CISO or CSO, refer to their data technology specialist.

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