Armor Games Data Breach 2019

If you have an Armor Games account, you probably have to know that there was a data breach back in January 2019.

So, what was the compromised data? Find out more in this article!

What is Armor Games?

Armor Games is a game portal website. Founded by Daniel McNeely in 2004, it is based in Irvine, California.

The games were Flash and HTML-5 based. And it has many games with different genres. It includes:

  • shooting games
  • puzzle games
  • war games

Armor Games Data Breach

The breach happened back in January 2019. The game portal confirmed that it leaked the data of all its users.

Tuik Security Group informed Armor Games about the breach. So AG immediately held an investigation.

Also, it included auditing their hosting provider, web servers, and database. Then, they confirmed that the breach is real and took place around January 1st.

The Leaked Information

These compromised data include:

  • usernames
  • login credentials
  • hashed passwords
  • birthdates
  • IP addresses
  • email addresses
  • public profiles

Also, the site said that they were part of the large breach. This large breach affected 16 companies, including Dubsmash and MyFitnessPal.

Unfortunately, 1.8GB of the site’s data was posted for sale at Dream Market. It costs 0.2749 Bitcoin, or $988.

Thankfully, Armor Games do not hold some private information about the users. So, these data were not leaked, such as:

  • first or last names
  • credit card information
  • physical addresses
  • phone numbers

The Action

Armor Games said in their email that they are strengthening their security. Also, they said that they are fixing the weaknesses of their portal.

Moreover, they updated their password protection ways. They also notified the cyber authorities about the incident. Also, they told the public that they would willingly cooperate with the law if necessary.

Besides, they advised the public users of what they can do. They required their users to update their passwords. They warned against reusing passwords across websites.

Also, they included in their email that the users have the right to request access or delete their data from their portal. Since the breach involved 16 more companies, they also told their users to reach out to those companies.

Report Suspected Fraud or Misuse of Data

According to AG, they have no evidence that the data stolen were used for identity fraud. But they suggested the precautions for their users.

You can file a police report if you suspect identity theft. Also, to file the report, you might need to show proof that you were a victim.

You can report this to the local law enforcement, your Attorney General, or even to the Federal Trade Commission.

Also, if you place a credit theft report, activate your credit monitoring. You can also alert your credit bureau by phone or their website.

This alert will inform your creditors. Then, they can take certain procedures top to protect your accounts. They can also perform a security freeze.

Moreover, if you suspect that someone misused your data, you can file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. Then, they can take action to protect your information.

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