Which Cybersecurity Career is Right for Me

Which Cybersecurity Career is Right for Me?

You may have been asking, “which cybersecurity career is right for me?” If you are interested in the field, then that is a good question.

Why? There are many paths that you can choose from in cybersecurity. It is a broad field.

So, let us see what kind of personality you have that is fit for a cybersecurity career.

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Finding the Right One

Finding the right career for cybersecurity is not always that easy. For some, they might know which area to focus on right out of college.

But for some, they might start working in IT before finding out which area to focus on. If you are one of them, there are many options out there.

Here are some based on experience level:

  • Entry-level. systems engineer. Systems admin. Network engineer. security specialists.
  • Mid-level. IT auditor. Security analyst. Penetration tester. Incident responder.
  • Advanced-level. Chief information security officer (CISO). Cybersecurity manager. Cybersecurity architect.

But with all these options, you may start to wonder which one is for you. Let us take a closer look.

Which Cybersecurity Career is Right for Me?

You may still be trying to look for areas to focus on. Or you may be planning to shift to a cybersecurity career. Or you just want to level up.

 If so, then maybe a list of personality types with the right career will help you. Take a look:

  • Problem solver. Do you enjoy solving problems? Do you find it fun to always find vulnerabilities in a system? If so, you may be a critical thinker, analytical, and perceptive. Thus, you may find being an incident responder to be right for you.
  • Quick learner. Can you learn complex things easily? Are you always curious about new IT techs and their features? If so, you might be a researcher and can work well under pressure. So, you might want to look into being a security architect.
  • Avenger. Do you want to protect people from cyber threats? Have you experienced being hacked before and do not want that to happen to others? Chances are, you are empathetic and instinctive. Thus, you can be perfect to be a security engineer.
  • Teacher. Do you like helping others learn more about cybersecurity? Do you enjoy helping others find security solutions? If so, your traits may include being helpful, caring, and an effective listener. So, having the role of a cybersecurity consultant can be a good fit.
  • Enthusiast. Do you enjoy cybersecurity? Are you eager about finding threats and removing them? Then, you are creative, passionate, and motivated. Thus, being a penetration tester can fill that enthusiasm up.

So, which of these five are you? But of course, knowing that is not enough. To grow in cybersecurity, you will need to:

  • stay up to date with security trends
  • work on your passion. Like joining a hackathon or whatnot.
  • continue your education. Like getting a certification.
  • check-in with yourself if you are in the right role.

That’s it. We hope you find the right cybersecurity role for you after this.

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