cybersecurity statistics

Cybersecurity Statistics

Cybersecurity is increasing every day in cybersecurity statistics. But, it still has a long approach to go before we can make up for these warnings.

In this study, we will talk about the top 8 alarming cybersecurity statistics in 2021. Also, we have to know about the modern cybersecurity threats view. 

Read on to learn more. 

8 Alarming Cybersecurity Statistics in 2021

The Organization will Focus on Cybersecurity by 2021

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Businesses now will make a move in their cybersecurity plan. In fact, about $6 trillion is required to be spent globally.

Now, they understand the importance of cybersecurity. As a result, they have to arrange their accounts to our new view.

Data Breach Brings Crippling Effects

It is no mystery that data crimes are breaking. Most businesses spend money and status. 

For public groups, there is much more at the post. On average, it even got $116 million at a traded firm.

Cyber Attacks Target Small Business

43% of crimes actually target small businesses. Besides, this is possible because they rarely buy safety tools.

In fact, small companies spend a normal of $7.68 million per event. Most of them felt phishing & social engineering crimes. Others also encountered hateful code and botnets.

Cost for Cybercrime Globally

Cybercrime is one of the biggest threats. Also, researches reveal that the total cost for it will move to $6 trillion by 2021.

Yet, this number does not only come from companies, banks, or wealthy figures. Even people can be a point. As long as you are on the Internet, you can be a victim, too.

Most Groups Do Not Have Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

What is more dangerous than human error? More than 77% of businesses do not have an incident response plan.

So when events happen, they cannot improve immediately. Also, they do not understand what to do to decrease chances.

Even big businesses are not excused from this. In fact, big titles such as Equifax, Capital One, and Facebook were also affected.

It took them months before they discovered a crime. So, private data may already be settled before you even identify it.

Human Error Causes Cybersecurity Violations

Just one click and makes crippling results. That is what usually appears now in crimes.

Sadly, 95% of crimes happen because of people. Hackers can hit the firm through them. Of course, they are almost never in the IT field.

This proves that firms should spend on cybersecurity awareness education for their workers. So, everyone can be the company’s first line of support.

300% Increase in Reported Cybercrimes

It is as if the COVID-19 pandemic is not scary enough. Hackers even take the help of the new standard forms now.

Today, many businesses changed to work-from-home setups. So, they are not very much guarded by the IT staff of their groups.

That is why they are more exposed to network charges. In fact, the FBI reported 12,377 Covid-related scams.

Hacker Attacks Every 39 Seconds

The University of Maryland announced the near-constant flow of hacker strikes. For sure, it will shock you.

On common, there is a hack every 39 seconds. Unfortunately, it strikes one in three Americans every time. 

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