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Cybersecurity Importance Amid COVID-19 in Law Offices

What is the importance of cybersecurity in times of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis? Let’s find out.

The Importance of Cybersecurity Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly shifted our lives. Now, there are still longstanding issues that became more prevalent.

For one thing, cybersecurity is a big concern for organizations across all industries, especially for law offices. In the legal field, professionals work with a lot of sensitive information. Naturally, they’re a prime target for hackers.

In fact, a 2018 report states that¬†23% of law firms¬†experienced a data breach. It’s worthy to note that this is not the latest count. Now, the pandemic may put you at an even higher risk.

Increased Cybersecurity Risks

Crisis offers cybercriminals the perfect opportunity for data breaches. Because of our current situation, many people became desperate for the latest updates. And threat actors exploit that by giving wrong information.

For example, headlines about coronavirus updates convince undoubting users to click on malicious links. Other cybercriminals also hide phishing scams behind fake government information.

And these are not just theories. For one, false emails regarding coronavirus have skyrocketed since January 2020.

Other shifts in working conditions also affected the attack surface. For instance, remote work is on the rise now. And it resulted in more risks for cybercrime to employees who work from home.

When they still work in offices, they may have prime security that protects their devices. But now, home computers and networks may not have the same security software. That’s why employees are vulnerable to hacks.

In law offices, the threat of a data breach is all the more serious. Let’s say a hacker stole the legal records or financial information of clients. 

They could leak it, causing a massive breach of privacy. Worse, they can lock these files through ransomware and demand money from law professionals.

Weathering the Cybercrime Wave

In connection to more risks, it’s critical for both individuals and law firms to be more alert. But more than that, you should have good cybersecurity.

Organizations should also remind everyone about security protocols. Just as we don’t expose our social media account passwords, we don’t want hackers to get hold of our sensitive data, too.

However, many still fall under these tricks. For one reason, even a single and unintentional click on a suspicious link can bring crippling results. The effects can really be disastrous.

So, always pay attention to suspicious emails. It’s also important to double-check anything you receive when it comes to COVID-19 updates. Even those emails that come from a seemingly trusted source.

Many feel that remote work is more casual than an ordinary day of work. But, we shouldn’t be complacent. Poor security habits usually come from a relaxed atmosphere.

Final Thoughts: Keeping Legal Data Safe Through Cybersecurity

In reality, hackers don’t choose who they exempt from their tactics. Everyone, even small and medium businesses, are at risk. So, your firm should embrace cybersecurity habits now more than ever.

As we’ve discussed, the pandemic presents a more severe cybercrime risk. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything about it.

With strong cybersecurity habits, you can continue to work with clients without risking anything.

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