cybersecurity for dummies

Cybersecurity for Dummies: Learn The Basics Now!

What is cybersecurity for dummies? Also, how does it work?

For those new to this term, cybersecurity may sound complicated. If you search for it on the web, you can find many articles.

But, cybersecurity has different contexts. So, it could mean different things to different people in different situations. In fact, it has different ways, policies, and practices.

For example, cybersecurity includes using advanced technologies like AI. It can also be about applying different policies to protect computers and networks.

But, it can be as simple as having a good password to protect your social media accounts. Or, making sure that you don’t give in to phishing scams.

Typically, cybersecurity means different meanings. So, it has different applications and responsibilities. But, what are these?

Cybersecurity for Dummies: Definition to Different People

Cybersecurity is literally about securing cyber systems. It also includes protecting information. But, it’s different from information security. How do we know that?

Let’s consider a real-life example to illustrate the point.

For example, you wrote down your password on a piece of paper. With no other intentions, you left that paper on your desk.

Obviously, other people can see it. So, you couldn’t protect the confidentiality of information. And that’s a violation of an information security principle.

But if we think about it in cybersecurity, it results in drastic consequences like getting hacked.

Cybersecurity means the following in different people:

  • Protecting your own data for individuals. So, other people, especially those unauthorized, can’t access it.
  • Securing customers’ credit card data and more for business owners. It can also be about making sure that point-of-sale registers are safe.
  • Ensuring the security of services for online business firms. So, third-party and clients can’t have access.
  • Defending data centers and servers for service providers. So, they can ensure the privacy of their data.
  • Classifying data of government agencies. As a result, they can impose policies on other organizations.

But, there is a common ground. They have some sort of crown jewels or data assets that they need to protect.

Now the question is, why do we need cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity for Dummies: The Importance

Cybersecurity is essential now. For one thing, hackers did not let their hands rest during this COVID-19 crisis. If anything, they’re more active now.

Reports show that cybercrime increases up to 600% during the pandemic. Thus, we need cybersecurity now more than ever.

For many of us, this should be a wake-up call. Today, small and medium business owners are one of the main targets of hackers. Why?

Because threat actors expect that these businesses are unprepared for attacks. They also don’t prioritize cybersecurity. And now that they’re under crisis, most of them deprioritize security.

The thing is that just one unconscious click of a suspicious email can lead to crippling results. That’s why knowing even cybersecurity basics also helps us know about the risks of our actions.


Cybersecurity has different meanings from different viewpoints. But the common denominator is that individuals and companies need it now.

You can read more about the trends and best practices about cybersecurity here.

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