Cybersecurity Careers

Cybersecurity Careers to Take

Today, many cybersecurity careers are open. Why? because cybersecurity threats are rising especially due to the pandemic.

So, if you want to be a cybersecurity expert, you will need to choose one area. Do you already have an idea? If not, then keep on reading.

Cybersecurity Careers to Take

Security Analyst

If you become one, you will need to take care of a company’s digital security. For one, you will need to analyze their:

  • protocols
  • policies
  • security measures

Then, you will have to audit their systems to find the weak spots. Also, there are times when you will need to predict future risks.

Other roles are:

  • keep track of any issues within the network and devices
  • investigate incidents and assess the damage
  • install security measures
  • keep with current IT security trends
  • make the company’s security best practices

Security Architect

To be a security architect, you will need to take care of security:

What will you need to do? You will need to:

  • design them
  • build them
  • test them
  • and implement them

After, you will need to review the company’s security systems. Then, spot any weak points. Other roles are:

  • to grasp fully the whole IT infrastructure
  • plan system updates
  • prepare cost estimates for security systems
  • test, evaluate, and update these systems


What role will you play as a cryptographer? For one, you will need to develop algorithms and ciphers to encrypt sensitive data.

So, your main role is to keep data breaches from happening. Also, you will need to make sure these sensitive data are away from outsider’s eyes or thieves.

Other roles are:

  • install more secure data encryptions
  • to ensure all data is protected. Either from being edited, copied, or deleted.
  • test cryptology theories and install them
  • train and consult staff and managers

Cybersecurity Consultant

What will you as a consultant? Well, you do not have to be part of an internal team. You can be under consulting firm. Or you can work by yourself as a freelancer.

For one, you will need to work with a client. Then, analyze their security systems. Then, find out their weak points and offer possible solutions.

Sometimes, you will need to supervise how they install said solution. Other roles are:

  • run penetration tests. Then, look for breaches
  • train staff of the client. Help them follow security best practices
  • oversee projects

Security Software Developer

As the name suggests, you will need to make security software. Then align these to security best practices.

Then, while developing one, you will need to add:

  • security analysis
  • potential countermeasures

Most of the time, this role is outsourced. So, you can work with a software development company. But you can also be a part of an in-house IT team.

Other roles are:

  • lead software planning, designing, building, and testing
  • make a software security strategy
  • design and build prototypes

Cybersecurity Career: Which One is For You?

That’s it. What career are you interested in? Which one do you think is for you? If you have the skill and drive, then go ahead.

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