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Cybersecurity Breach in 2021 You Can’t Miss Out

Cybersecurity breach news is very pervasive in our digital world now. That’s why we need to understand modern-day cyber attacks to become protected. 

In this article, we will dive into the recent cyber breaches in 2021. Read on to learn more. 

Cybersecurity Breach News in 2021

Qiui IoT Adult Toys Breached

Poor code in the company’s systems was found in 2020. And cybercriminals were quick to exploit that gap due to ransomware.

As a result, they forced customers to pay the ransom. The amount? It was a whopping 0.02 BTC or $270.

The leaked information includes customer passwords. The breach also affected the profile information of customers like their email addresses.

Capitol Attack: Physical & Data Loss

What are the cybersecurity implications of the Capitol Attack? The data loss happened because of the stolen devices. Cybercriminals also got hold of unlocked desktops.

The whole incident stole laptops, physical files, USB sticks, and phones.

Microsoft Defender Bug Actively Exploited

Big names like Microsoft were not totally free from cyberattacks. Unfortunately, cybercriminals actively exploited a bug from Microsoft Defender.

The security vulnerability was called CVE-2021-1647. As a result, cybercriminals stole RCE kernel access through MS Defender.

Worse? The incident happened for the past three months. It was also a part of the infamous SolarWinds attack.

T-Mobile Exposes Customer Data (Again)

The second data breach for T-Mobile exposed 200,000 T-Mobile users’ information. The company said that it may have included the following data:

  • phone number
  • number of lines subscribed to on a user’s account
  • call-related information 

T-Mobile assured users that it did not include the following:

  • names on the account
  • physical address
  • email address
  • financial data
  • credit card information
  • social security numbers
  • tax ID
  • passwords or PINs

Because of that, the company warned its users of possible phishing and social engineering attacks.

Ubiquiti Tells Customers To Change Passwords Due to a Cybersecurity Breach

Ubiquiti is a third-party cloud vendor. In the early days of 2021, they also experienced a breach in their servers.

Until now, they haven’t confirmed what data was stolen. But, the servers contained sensitive information, like passwords, hashed passwords, logins, and profile information.

That’s why they encouraged users to change their passwords. Especially if they used the same user ID or password on any other websites.

Spinal Care Practice In Texas Reports HIPAA Breach

Precision Spine Care became a victim of a cybersecurity breach. The attack happened when an intruder remotely accessed an employee’s email account to fraudulently divert funds

Because of that, some individuals’ personal information is at risk for disclosure. This data includes:

  • patients’ names
  • addresses
  • dates of birth
  • limited health information

In the meantime, Precision Spine Care took steps to lock accounts and prevent access from hackers. They also notified the affected clients about the issue.

Ransomware At WestRock Disrupts Operations

WestRock, a $17 billion packaging firm, was affected by a breach. As a result, it disrupted their operations. Their IT and operational technology (OT) networks also felt the impact.

Hackers stole OT systems that are critical to business operations. Unfortunately, it causes delays in business.

Although they already contained the ransomware, it’s still unknown if WestRock will pay the ransom, or recover at this time.

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